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Vissen in de grootste vijver

Facebook is the largest social media platform. The platform offers various interesting ways to successfully reach your target group. But fishing in the largest pond is not for everyone. You soon wonder if you are fishing with the right bait. Your fishing line gets tangled quickly.

The inscrutable interface of Facebook's Business Manager is famous. This also applies to the unclear reasons why your ad account has been blocked.

The Facebook algorithm ensures that your organic reach becomes smaller. Your own posts don't reach a percent of your followers yet. The expectation is that the organic reach will only become smaller. If you are looking for customers on Facebook, there is only one method: advertising!



Fishing in the big pond called Facebook

Time consuming

Ik besteed heel veel tijd aan Facebook, maar het levert nauwelijks klanten op.

Cold feet

I want to fish in that big Facebook pond, but I don't know how

Costs money

Ik heb de indruk dat het meer geld kost dan oplevert


I don't really know where to start
adverteren op facebook

Software and tools we use

Een greep uit de tools en software gebruikt door ons tijdens marketingcampagnes.


beaver builder

google search console

google tag manager

What is important in Facebook Marketing

Gelukkig heeft Facebook een advertentiesysteem, waar je al snel een rendement kan halen. De kans dat je geld verspilt via Facebook adverteren is niet groot. Met ieder budget kun je gemakkelijk een groot deel van je doelgroep bereiken. Waar op te letten bij Facebook Marketing

The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is one of the most important prerequisites for success with Facebook advertising. So make sure you install it on your website.

Determining target groups

Make sure you choose your customers and not the other way around. Make sure you carefully put together several variants of your ideal customer.

Apply Robert Cialdini

Apply the 7 commandments of psychologist Robert Cialdini. Reciprocity, Consistency, Social Proof, Sympathy, Authority, Unity and Scarcity.


What do you need for a successful Facebook Campaign. Is your Facebook Page already set up? Do you have a professional landing page at your disposal? We are happy to put everything together with you. Request the free scan now.



Have you already made your decision? Then go to the link Ad account instruction.

Wil jij weten hoe jij Facebook optimaal kan inzetten? Vraag dan nu de gratis Facebook-scan aan! Aan de hand van de scan doen wij een (vrijblijvend) voorstel om jouw Facebook campagne optimaal op te starten en te We hebben er plezier in jou te helpen.

Wij adviseren, analyseren en optimaliseren advertentiecampagnes zodat ook jij het maximale rendement uit Facebook haalt.

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